BEATRICE DIS speaks up about “Show me”

“Show me” is the first single released by singer-songwriter Beatrice Dis.



 She admits writing lyrics and melody a while back, not having in mind the music that was needed. But she trusted her team: Giuseppe Foresta, Mimi Out and Barnabas.

Arranging and producing the song was not an easy task for them; the harmony of the backing vocals are so complex that they require a very detailed instrumental.

The drumming pattern is the signature of this uptempo song. Mimi Out has wisely fused the tradition of the marching bands with an African feeling. His inspirations were songs by Toto and Michael Jackson. Then Joe Foresta shifted the original tempo of the chorus and made it catchy. “Show me” was born!

Beatrice Dis speaks about relationships that lack trust and honesty. Love is about accepting and loving all the flaws together with the strengths. Relationships need to be put on the line to believe they can last. Or, at least, this is her piece of advice!

“Show me” is out on the main digital retailers from Sunday 2nd October.

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BEATRICE DIS rewrites her story

The singer-songwriter Beatrice Dis has recently released her first interview and received a huge support by her online followers; she has in fact finally announced the release of her debut single “Show me” on Sunday 2nd October.

In the video interview you can see a confident Beatrice talking proudly about her new project; she has teamed up with Joe Foresta, Mimi Out and Barnabas for the arrangement and production of her songs. “Show me” is the first single and will be followed by another one in the Winter.

Her music is not the ordinary pop music: backing vocals are massively present, her lead vocals are free on top of the music, the detailed arrangement mixes a classic heritage with modern instruments, the melodies are soft and easy. Just beautiful music. And then the lyrics.

Beatrice takes inspiration from her life and her friends’ experiences; she touches all the cords of the soul and is ready to open up totally for her audience.

Enjoy her company in this first interview.


Debut Single for BEATRICE DIS

beatrice-dis_logoblack-nobackgroundcropped-welcome-to-my-world-nowspace.jpgListen to the song and watch the music video

London-based singer-songwriter Beatrice Dis will launch her debut single “Show me” on the 2nd October along with a music video shot at Cre8 Studio London by the video maker Eleonora Cristin.

Beatrice is originally from Italy but she has lived and worked in London for the last 5 years. “I am so excited about the launch of “Show me”. I can’t wait to share my music! It has been a long journey for me and my team and we are very proud of what we have accomplished” says Beatrice.

The song lyrics and melody were entirely written by Beatrice while the arrangement was created by Joe Foresta and Mimi Out who are “the dream-team any artist would desire”, Beatrice says. Joe Foresta is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who teamed up with Beatrice years ago; they have a strong personal and musical connection so even when they are apart they create intense songs. At the same time they met Mimi Out, born as a drummer and then developed into a multi-instrumentalist and arranger.

Beatrice, Joe and Mimi admit to having different musical taste but here lies the strength of their music. The combination of those influences is the secret behind their songs uniqueness. Among the artists and performers they take inspiration from: Ellie Goulding, Years and Years, Phil Collins, Beyonce, 30 seconds to Mars, Sting (not a coincidence that the 2nd of October is his birthday!) and the list continues.

In charge of the music production is Barnabas, a new name in the industry, who is in charge of every note that comes out from this new record label called Durendala Records, in which Beatrice is its first artist.

Mimi and Beatrice are the founders and directors of the label and although now “Beatrice Dis” is taking most of their time, they plan to include further names under their wings in the future. “Durendala Records was born to protect our artistic identity. It’s a bet, but we’re ready to take risks.”

London-based Beatrice will launch her single “Show me” and its music video on the same day, Sunday 2nd October. “My debut single “Show me” talks about dishonest relationships, those times when you want to be with someone so much that you end up hiding your little quirks to not risk ruining your love story! You only show the best of yourself to make the other person proud..but for how long can you fake it? Wouldn’t it be better to show yourself for who you are and be proud of all the flaws? Put the relationship at risk and challenge it!” She says she takes inspirations from her life and friends’ experiences; she likes to talk about matters that really touch her.

The music video was directed by the female video maker Eleonora Cristin at the Cre8 Studio London located in lively Hackney. It was an indoor shooting of 2 intense days where Beatrice proved her worth with some good dancing moves.

From Sunday 2nd October “Show me” will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital retailers. Follow Beatrice Dis on her Facebook and Twitter page for daily updates.

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