BEATRICE DIS rewrites her story

The singer-songwriter Beatrice Dis has recently released her first interview and received a huge support by her online followers; she has in fact finally announced the release of her debut single “Show me” on Sunday 2nd October.

In the video interview you can see a confident Beatrice talking proudly about her new project; she has teamed up with Joe Foresta, Mimi Out and Barnabas for the arrangement and production of her songs. “Show me” is the first single and will be followed by another one in the Winter.

Her music is not the ordinary pop music: backing vocals are massively present, her lead vocals are free on top of the music, the detailed arrangement mixes a classic heritage with modern instruments, the melodies are soft and easy. Just beautiful music. And then the lyrics.

Beatrice takes inspiration from her life and her friends’ experiences; she touches all the cords of the soul and is ready to open up totally for her audience.

Enjoy her company in this first interview.


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