Behind the scenes of the music video of “Show me” with Beatrice Dis

Beatrice Dis really wants to spoil her followers. Only a couple of weeks ago she released the music video for her debut single “Show me” and now she takes us behind the scenes.

In a special interview published on her Facebook page, Beatrice Dis describes how they came up with the idea for the video. Most of the credit goes to the female videographer who shot and edited the video, Eleonora Cristin. They worked at Cre8studios in London. The video is in black and white, the atmosphere is evanescent: bodies are struggling to come out of a white fabric and Beatrice herself proves her dancing skills moving along with the music.

In the interview she explains how the video interprets the meaning of the song: fighting our fears and showing ourselves for what we are. Loving relationships can be complicated especially at the beginning and with this song Beatrice wants to instil some confidence. Certainly a song not to miss, with the beautiful arrangement and production cured by a strong team: Joe Foresta, Mimí Out and Barnabas. The mastering of the song was done in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, at the White Sound studio by Tommy Bianchi. 

The video is a gem that you can find on YouTube. The song is available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon MP3.. and on streaming services like Spotify.

Today the debut single SHOW ME reveals who BEATRICE DIS is.


Today it’s finally time to listen to the voice and music Beatrice Dis has worked on for years now, getting ready to be the best version of herself. “Show me” was composed by Mimi Out and Joe Foresta, while melody and lyrics are by Beatrice herself. “It’s an enormous joy to have the music video finally released. We are very proud of this song, our first single as independent artists”, she says. Here is the link to the video on Youtube:

To own the song and take it wherever you go, you can buy it for less than £1 on iTunes or Google Play just by clicking on the below links. Or you can share it with friends and family via Spotify: #makeithappen is one of the most popular hashtags Beatrice is using at the moment. This debut represents her dream becoming reality, and thanks to much support she will be able to sing to wider and wider audiences.

A 2-weeks promotion introduced the world of Beatrice Dis. If you haven’t seen the interviews, click on the links below and get to know her better:

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