On Soundcloud to listen to the debut single by Beatrice Dis

Beatrice Dis is promoting her debut single “Show me” with her brand new profile on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a platform where musicians from all over the world share their passion for music and their own productions; it’s a place where honest support builds up a fanbase of fellow music-lovers. It’s a great melting-pot of music genres and nationalities, and now Beatrice Dis adds her name onto it.

“Show me” is available for streaming and sharing; you can create your own playlist while listening to the magnificent catalogue of music available on the website.

Here is the link to Beatrice’s page; enjoy: bit.ly/SHOWMEsoundcloud

Email Durendala Records for a free a cappella version of “Show me”


After the launch of her debut single “Show me”, Beatrice Dis has demonstrated she likes to keep her followers on the edge with one surprise after another. After the beautiful music video was released on YouTube and Vevo, Beatrice shared a delightful making-of and an interview where she recollects how the video came to life. She takes us back in time and  describes how she recorded the first draft of the song (just vocals) and sent it over to her arrangers.
An a cappella bonus track is in fact available to all those who purchased “Show me” on digital retailers (iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon mp3..); you just need to send an email to info@durendalarecords.com with a proof of purchase and you’ll receive the vocals of the song for free.
The funny part is that Beatrice is inviting everyone who know how to play an instrument  to record their own arrangement and send it over in a video! It’ll certainly be interesting to see how people can re-interpret the same song using their own capabilities and sensitivity. Some of the videos will then be posted on Beatrice Dis facebook page. bit.ly/BEATRICEfbpage