Official YouTube channel for Beatrice Dis


Before the Christmas holidays Beatrice Dis hints to us that news is soon to follow her debut single “Show me”; she just launched her official YouTube channel. You can find the music video of “Show me” and a playlist of 5 interviews that present her music project in its first steps.
“I’m so happy to finally have my YouTube channel! I know many people who don\’t use social media and felt left out from my activities, but now everyone can subscribe to my channel and receive instant updates!”

The latest interview was released with the launch of the channel; Beatrice Dis explains how she maintains her artistic freedom by managing her career personally. The record label that produces and manages her music, Durendala Records, is actually founded by her and Domenico Autuori (aka the drummer/composer Mimì Out). Although being an independent artist must be a challenge, it’s a choice shared by many popular acts nowadays before the big break.

The debut single “Show me” is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon mp3. You can also stream it on SoundCloud, Spotify and IndieSound. Don’t forget she also released an a cappella version of the song and is available for free to everyone who purchase the song and contact (listen here: )