“From My Cage”, second single by London-based Beatrice Dis, is an immersive, dark pond of emotions.


If her debut single “Show me” charmed us with its intoxicating beat and the evanescent music video, “From my cage” is a dark and pulsating rock ballad.

The opening line can only but grasp you by the ear and take you back to those difficult moments of loneliness and over protection that we all experienced in our lives: “I was left behind, stuck in your protection.”

Beatrice was raised in a catholic Italian family and was always passionate about learning, whether it was music and dancing or history and Latin. Her life was always purpose-focused and very little time was left for pure enjoyment and self discovery. The dream of music and the consequent rough journey that it implies led Beatrice to a quite isolated youth. It wouldn’t surprise you to see her spending her Saturday night listening to music on the bed or avidly reading a book. She didn’t mind not having a big social life as she felt an outsider with most groups of friends; at the same time she suffered from loneliness though and it came a time when she decided to respect her inner instincts and face the world.

“From my cage” describes those years of blurred, uneasy life as an inevitable passage before the breakthrough. A new life awaits around the corner for those brave enough to give themselves a chance.

“From my cage” is launched on Friday 17th February live on London One Radio; Beatrice will be on air from 4pm. Later this month the song will be available on download and streaming platforms and the music video directed by Matteo Bertozzi will be released on YouTube (www.bit.ly/BEATRICEDISyoutube)