“Faith”, third single by Beatrice Dis, encourages to live life. Because while we can, we must.


The third single by Beatrice Dis is titled “Faith” (available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube) and hits the listeners deeply  for the purity and frankness of the words, the honesty of the music, the unexpected twists of the voice.. You can clearly hear how much raw emotion these guys have put into writing this song. Co-author and now husband Mimí Out lost a very close friend in a car accident not long before he moved to London. The shock made him re-think life and thus he lost his motivation to work and dream. These lyrics are a scream to the face of anybody who lost their loved ones and can’t find in themselves the energy to move forward and keep living. There’ll be another time to be dead, now it’s time to live fully.

Beatrice explains that she couldn’t openly talk about this subject with Mimí, he would not open up.. So she started writing down her thoughts and finally wrote “Faith” with Joe Foresta. It wasn’t easy for them to work on the song, they say, as it would bring memories and feelings difficult to shut down.

The release of “Faith” has been postponed a few weeks as Beatrice herself has recently experienced the painful loss of her dear dad; the long and hard battle against cancer never won over his patience and strength, but finally the body couldn’t sustain the stage of the illness and left this world. It looks like a twist of fate; comforting words as the ones used in “Faith” are definitely not produced every day and being Beatrice a big believer in signs she finds relief in these “coincidences”. She now listens to her own voice and words to gain strength and live every day celebrating the memory of her dear dad.

Life continues for whoever remains on this Earth. The memory of our dear ones will not die with their bodies; still, we are asked to celebrate life everyday. Because we can.


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