“Faith” and 3 singles out. Beatrice Dis now plans for the future.


In October 2016 she released her debut single “Show me”, a big achievement for the Italian-born singer songwriter Beatrice Dis together with her now husband Mimí Out and best friend/co-author Joe Foresta. Their meeting was like something from the movies: three strangers meet on a cruise ship, instantly click and start a dream together. That dream was Music! Mimí and Beatrice moved to London in 2012 but they kept in touch with Joe and never stopped writing material. Then, the big jump: why don’t we open a record label and produce and release our own stuff??

Mimí and Beatrice founded Durendala Records in 2015 and a year later the first single was released, “Show me”. Other 2 would soon follow, as their online voice is heard more and more.

“We haven’t started gigging yet” Beatrice says “because we don’t have enough songs. I want to have some repertoire out before selling gigs in London or anywhere else. I’ll sing in front of people who don’t know who I am, and I’d like them to go home, google me and find a series of songs, videos, interviews, words..where they can learn more about me..in minutes!”

It is unusual for a young act to refrain from the stage so long, especially when this has been Beatrice’s natural environment since she was 12, when she started her professional journey in Italy. Many things have changed in all these years and that young girl is not as deluded; every step is thoroughly valued by the team of three and the co-workers who surround them, and Beatrice found the strength to take a step back and not expose herself to crowds.

“Online followers is what we’re focusing on now. Building an audience with no geographical and ethnical boundaries, who will listen to my songs and maybe relate and like. I also need to build a new confidence in me: it’s the first time that I’m actually releasing songs that I wrote. It’s always traumatic when a song is launched and I feel exposed to the public, just waiting for their response..”

The response so far has been great, both from her long-time followers and friends in Italy and her new audience in GB.

Beatrice Dis’ new single is around the corner. What should we expect?  “Show me” was the pick up song: easy listening pop music. “From my cage” had a more intimate, vulnerable twist and revealed a big part of her personality. Her latest single “Faith” was a celebration of life, in memory of a young man who lost his life too soon.

“The next single is going to be a tremendous, unexpected surprise! We may say it’s the sensual and alluring song that plays in everyone’s mind.. A dream that I gave words to!”