Pop singer Beatrice Dis features on her first rock song.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-25 at 00.46.01

A new producer is paving his way in London after extensive study of music and modern technology; Barnabas is taking under his wings Beatrice Dis and Mimí Out and the first single that sees these three powerhouses together is out now. “The run” is available on all major digital platforms for streaming and downloading. An incredible 2mins music video is on Youtube: created by the hands of illustrator Francesco Autuori (http://www.francescoautuori.it/) Barnabas runs through the stress of every day life.

The song was jointly created by Beatrice and Mimí; a powerful pop-rock song that well explores the vocal ability of the former and the percussionist ability of the latter. “The run” is a fun song that describes the frenetic, metropolitan lifestyle of cities like London, where the duo is currently based.

The song is the first single by Mimí Out, who wishes to collaborate with more and more artists in the future and give different “voices” to his songs and compositions. Barnabas is his right-hand man; always behind the desk, he takes care of the final production of every song.

“The run” also sees the major contribution of guitarist Mirko Piconese (https://www.facebook.com/mirko.piconese), an emerging gem in the international music scene, someone you don’t want to miss.

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