Londoners need to keep an eye on this new act: Beatrice Dis’ live gigs are not to be missed. This is why.


2017 has not been a generous year for Beatrice Dis, but she hasn’t lost her eagerness. She lost her dad just before the launch of the tearing, soulful song “Faith”, dedicated to all people grieving an important loss. Following her wedding with drummer and producer Mimí Out she released the sensual “Make Love”, a pop song that winks at r’n’b and has that sexy feeling our radios are filled with. The only thing that can be up for Beatrice now is live performing: she can’t wait to sing live in the city of her rebirth.

Beatrice is a very careful artist and every step is throughly thought through. She patiently waited to have enough original songs to pull out a full set and now that her Spotify page is a crib of musical evolution she feels ready to step on stage. In the meantime she is warming up busking in the streets of central London; all is ready to blow your minds away.

Beatrice will perform at the renovated “The Islington” in Angel on Friday the 3rd: she will be the opening act at 6.45pm. She will then perform at the “Acklam Market Village” in Portobello on Saturday 18th at 2pm for a 45min slot. Mimí Out will be on stage with her behind drums. He is freshly graduated at Abbey Road Institute as sound engineer and music producer; no more than  a week ago he played in Studio 1at Abbey Road Studios (home of many famous soundtracks and pop music recordings).

You can’t miss the tremendous vide these two can release together. For more info check Beatrice’s social pages. It’s going to be the best time in London to warm yourself up this November.