3 reasons why you need to listen to “To my dad” by BEATRICE DIS today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo my dad” is the 5th single by singer songwriter Beatrice Dis. This soulful, energising song was released on the year anniversary of her dad’s passing and debuted in a charity event for Cancer Research UK.

Beatrice says: “When Joe Foresta sent me over the music of “To my dad” I knew exactly where it was leading me.. I was facing the hardest period of my life: living abroad and knowing that my dad was fighting every minute against an aggressive warrior called oesophageal cancer. I was transfixed with pain and was traveling back and forth a lot, trying to help as much as I could. I wanted my dad to know I was with him and that I knew he was stronger than anything”.

“To my dad” was born as a demo for his phone and after a couple of years it became a single with the production of Mimí Out.

  1. You should never miss a chance to say how much you love and admire the people you have around. Use other people’s words or songs if you can’t put them together. Use gestures, buy them books, hug them. Time won’t replay, use it wisely.
  2. Even after the darkest days, the sun will come out. Never lose hope. Fighting means that you keep going no matter what.. Even when you think the battle is over you still have something to fight for and most importantly something to be grateful for.
  3. Music lifts your spirit. Always. And with this song, more than ever! When you feel low don’t dig your grave too fast; there will always be a new song to lift up your spirit. Use music to your advantage: that is why music exists. That is why “To my dad” exists.

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