Beatrice Dis comes back with a brand new song and a new life

Turn Back Time cover

We last saw Beatrice Dis in April with the release of the soulful “To my dad” in memory of her late father. After joining the Featured Artists Coalition for independent artists and the publisher Sentric Music, Beatrice is now releasing a powerful pop song titled “Turn back time”. And it really brings us back to the eighties, with a sound that puts us on stage with her, surrounded by musicians and blinded by lights. Beatrice explores her voice from the warmest tones to the highest and finest nuances while telling a story so common among couples of all ages. Misunderstandings can mess up relationships even when the feeling is there and strong. Timing is everything and Beatrice reminds us of that in this 4-minute song. The lyric video is a memory journey: the desire to change things and make up for wrong decisions are so palpable..

“Turn back time’ is the unmissable single of this November. Follow her Spotify page and keep an eye on this young music act.

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