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Beatrice Dis comes back with a brand new song and a new life

Turn Back Time cover

We last saw Beatrice Dis in April with the release of the soulful “To my dad” in memory of her late father. After joining the Featured Artists Coalition for independent artists and the publisher Sentric Music, Beatrice is now releasing a powerful pop song titled “Turn back time”. And it really brings us back to the eighties, with a sound that puts us on stage with her, surrounded by musicians and blinded by lights. Beatrice explores her voice from the warmest tones to the highest and finest nuances while telling a story so common among couples of all ages. Misunderstandings can mess up relationships even when the feeling is there and strong. Timing is everything and Beatrice reminds us of that in this 4-minute song. The lyric video is a memory journey: the desire to change things and make up for wrong decisions are so palpable..

“Turn back time’ is the unmissable single of this November. Follow her Spotify page and keep an eye on this young music act.

3 reasons why you need to listen to “To my dad” by BEATRICE DIS today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo my dad” is the 5th single by singer songwriter Beatrice Dis. This soulful, energising song was released on the year anniversary of her dad’s passing and debuted in a charity event for Cancer Research UK.

Beatrice says: “When Joe Foresta sent me over the music of “To my dad” I knew exactly where it was leading me.. I was facing the hardest period of my life: living abroad and knowing that my dad was fighting every minute against an aggressive warrior called oesophageal cancer. I was transfixed with pain and was traveling back and forth a lot, trying to help as much as I could. I wanted my dad to know I was with him and that I knew he was stronger than anything”.

“To my dad” was born as a demo for his phone and after a couple of years it became a single with the production of Mimí Out.

  1. You should never miss a chance to say how much you love and admire the people you have around. Use other people’s words or songs if you can’t put them together. Use gestures, buy them books, hug them. Time won’t replay, use it wisely.
  2. Even after the darkest days, the sun will come out. Never lose hope. Fighting means that you keep going no matter what.. Even when you think the battle is over you still have something to fight for and most importantly something to be grateful for.
  3. Music lifts your spirit. Always. And with this song, more than ever! When you feel low don’t dig your grave too fast; there will always be a new song to lift up your spirit. Use music to your advantage: that is why music exists. That is why “To my dad” exists.


To my Dad cover art

The soul crashing pop song “To my dad” brings our attention back to the great song-writing skills of Beatrice Dis and her team of arrangers and producers. With this song Beatrice celebrates fighters of long-term illnesses like cancer who are able to instil courage and strength to those around them. Her late father is depicted as one of the modern super heroes: a relentless fighter with strong faith and deep positivity. A lover of life who brought joy to his family even during the darkest period of his life.

The song debuted live in a charity event for Cancer Research UK, an opportunity that was deeply wanted by Beatrice. It was not just the best atmosphere to present such an intimate song, but also a stage where she could speak openly and share her experience. Cancer can be a very scary word, but she has learned that is mostly a journey: it’s a physical and emotional journey that involves the entire family and it needs to be faced all together.

“To my dad” gives voice to a daughter in pain, covered in fears and totally amazed by her dad’s strength. The song was released on the year anniversary of his passing and has been touching hearts ever since.

If you listen to any new song today, it needs to be this.

The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden gets a new tint with the classy pop music of Beatrice Dis.


Beatrice Dis keeps her promises and starts the year 2018 with a series of concerts around London.

After an intimate gig – vocals and guitar – and a smashing concert at the iconic Water Rats, she is now ready to fill up the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden on Thursday 8th March at 7.30pm. For such a legendary venue in the heart of London she is planning to surprise her audience with a great show and a special gift: her yet-to-be-released 1st single of 2018, “Turn back time”.

From her debut song “Show me” to the latest, soulful and provocative “Make love”, Beatrice has shown us different facades of her personality and vocal ability; each song brings a different nuance to the prism. This artist is a jigsaw puzzle who is slowly giving us the pieces to put together. And that’s the beauty of art (whether music or film or paint or photography); these are not the world of “everything now”, but rather a discovery over time.

£5 on the door for this unmissable event. The Fiddler’s Elbow also has a late bar (1am) with probably the cheapest drinks in the area, that helps to make it an attractive night out even on a week day! Full details of the event are on Beatrice Dis facebook event and the venue website.

An unsigned artist committed to make her way up; we lovers of good music need to be there and support! #share #beatricedis

Londoners need to keep an eye on this new act: Beatrice Dis’ live gigs are not to be missed. This is why.


2017 has not been a generous year for Beatrice Dis, but she hasn’t lost her eagerness. She lost her dad just before the launch of the tearing, soulful song “Faith”, dedicated to all people grieving an important loss. Following her wedding with drummer and producer Mimí Out she released the sensual “Make Love”, a pop song that winks at r’n’b and has that sexy feeling our radios are filled with. The only thing that can be up for Beatrice now is live performing: she can’t wait to sing live in the city of her rebirth.

Beatrice is a very careful artist and every step is throughly thought through. She patiently waited to have enough original songs to pull out a full set and now that her Spotify page is a crib of musical evolution she feels ready to step on stage. In the meantime she is warming up busking in the streets of central London; all is ready to blow your minds away.

Beatrice will perform at the renovated “The Islington” in Angel on Friday the 3rd: she will be the opening act at 6.45pm. She will then perform at the “Acklam Market Village” in Portobello on Saturday 18th at 2pm for a 45min slot. Mimí Out will be on stage with her behind drums. He is freshly graduated at Abbey Road Institute as sound engineer and music producer; no more than  a week ago he played in Studio 1at Abbey Road Studios (home of many famous soundtracks and pop music recordings).

You can’t miss the tremendous vide these two can release together. For more info check Beatrice’s social pages. It’s going to be the best time in London to warm yourself up this November.

“Make love” is the fantasised love story by Beatrice Dis and is out now.

“Make love” is the 4th single released in less than a year by singer songwriter Beatrice Dis.

Make love 2-06Born and raised in Italy, Beatrice moved to London in 2012. Her personal and professional journey led her to build a pop music project that’s independently produced with her husband Mimí Out, freshly graduated at the Abbey Road Institute in London as Music producer and Sound engineer.
Every single released has been launched with an outstanding music video that mark Beatrice’s theatrical vision of her songs; we see her in costumes, covered in lights or in a spider net, dancing it away in an elastic fabric or in a frozen forest.. Different sets for different emotions.
“Make love” has a beautiful lyric video on YouTube created by ZeroTreProductions, while the cover art for the song is by the illustrator Francesco Autuori. This song is a love fantasy that will catch your naughty side and make it alive and new.
Hear Beatrice’a voice beautifully mingle with Joe Foresta’s, co-author of all her songs; their voices support the mellow magic of the chorus “Make love to me”. You can add your voice too: watch the lyric video and sing along here:



Pop singer Beatrice Dis features on her first rock song.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-25 at 00.46.01

A new producer is paving his way in London after extensive study of music and modern technology; Barnabas is taking under his wings Beatrice Dis and Mimí Out and the first single that sees these three powerhouses together is out now. “The run” is available on all major digital platforms for streaming and downloading. An incredible 2mins music video is on Youtube: created by the hands of illustrator Francesco Autuori ( Barnabas runs through the stress of every day life.

The song was jointly created by Beatrice and Mimí; a powerful pop-rock song that well explores the vocal ability of the former and the percussionist ability of the latter. “The run” is a fun song that describes the frenetic, metropolitan lifestyle of cities like London, where the duo is currently based.

The song is the first single by Mimí Out, who wishes to collaborate with more and more artists in the future and give different “voices” to his songs and compositions. Barnabas is his right-hand man; always behind the desk, he takes care of the final production of every song.

“The run” also sees the major contribution of guitarist Mirko Piconese (, an emerging gem in the international music scene, someone you don’t want to miss.