“Faith” and 3 singles out. Beatrice Dis now plans for the future.


In October 2016 she released her debut single “Show me”, a big achievement for the Italian-born singer songwriter Beatrice Dis together with her now husband Mimí Out and best friend/co-author Joe Foresta. Their meeting was like something from the movies: three strangers meet on a cruise ship, instantly click and start a dream together. That dream was Music! Mimí and Beatrice moved to London in 2012 but they kept in touch with Joe and never stopped writing material. Then, the big jump: why don’t we open a record label and produce and release our own stuff??

Mimí and Beatrice founded Durendala Records in 2015 and a year later the first single was released, “Show me”. Other 2 would soon follow, as their online voice is heard more and more.

“We haven’t started gigging yet” Beatrice says “because we don’t have enough songs. I want to have some repertoire out before selling gigs in London or anywhere else. I’ll sing in front of people who don’t know who I am, and I’d like them to go home, google me and find a series of songs, videos, interviews, words..where they can learn more about me..in minutes!”

It is unusual for a young act to refrain from the stage so long, especially when this has been Beatrice’s natural environment since she was 12, when she started her professional journey in Italy. Many things have changed in all these years and that young girl is not as deluded; every step is thoroughly valued by the team of three and the co-workers who surround them, and Beatrice found the strength to take a step back and not expose herself to crowds.

“Online followers is what we’re focusing on now. Building an audience with no geographical and ethnical boundaries, who will listen to my songs and maybe relate and like. I also need to build a new confidence in me: it’s the first time that I’m actually releasing songs that I wrote. It’s always traumatic when a song is launched and I feel exposed to the public, just waiting for their response..”

The response so far has been great, both from her long-time followers and friends in Italy and her new audience in GB.

Beatrice Dis’ new single is around the corner. What should we expect?  “Show me” was the pick up song: easy listening pop music. “From my cage” had a more intimate, vulnerable twist and revealed a big part of her personality. Her latest single “Faith” was a celebration of life, in memory of a young man who lost his life too soon.

“The next single is going to be a tremendous, unexpected surprise! We may say it’s the sensual and alluring song that plays in everyone’s mind.. A dream that I gave words to!”

“Faith”, third single by Beatrice Dis, encourages to live life. Because while we can, we must.


The third single by Beatrice Dis is titled “Faith” (available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube) and hits the listeners deeply  for the purity and frankness of the words, the honesty of the music, the unexpected twists of the voice.. You can clearly hear how much raw emotion these guys have put into writing this song. Co-author and now husband Mimí Out lost a very close friend in a car accident not long before he moved to London. The shock made him re-think life and thus he lost his motivation to work and dream. These lyrics are a scream to the face of anybody who lost their loved ones and can’t find in themselves the energy to move forward and keep living. There’ll be another time to be dead, now it’s time to live fully.

Beatrice explains that she couldn’t openly talk about this subject with Mimí, he would not open up.. So she started writing down her thoughts and finally wrote “Faith” with Joe Foresta. It wasn’t easy for them to work on the song, they say, as it would bring memories and feelings difficult to shut down.

The release of “Faith” has been postponed a few weeks as Beatrice herself has recently experienced the painful loss of her dear dad; the long and hard battle against cancer never won over his patience and strength, but finally the body couldn’t sustain the stage of the illness and left this world. It looks like a twist of fate; comforting words as the ones used in “Faith” are definitely not produced every day and being Beatrice a big believer in signs she finds relief in these “coincidences”. She now listens to her own voice and words to gain strength and live every day celebrating the memory of her dear dad.

Life continues for whoever remains on this Earth. The memory of our dear ones will not die with their bodies; still, we are asked to celebrate life everyday. Because we can.


“From My Cage”, second single by London-based Beatrice Dis, is an immersive, dark pond of emotions.


If her debut single “Show me” charmed us with its intoxicating beat and the evanescent music video, “From my cage” is a dark and pulsating rock ballad.

The opening line can only but grasp you by the ear and take you back to those difficult moments of loneliness and over protection that we all experienced in our lives: “I was left behind, stuck in your protection.”

Beatrice was raised in a catholic Italian family and was always passionate about learning, whether it was music and dancing or history and Latin. Her life was always purpose-focused and very little time was left for pure enjoyment and self discovery. The dream of music and the consequent rough journey that it implies led Beatrice to a quite isolated youth. It wouldn’t surprise you to see her spending her Saturday night listening to music on the bed or avidly reading a book. She didn’t mind not having a big social life as she felt an outsider with most groups of friends; at the same time she suffered from loneliness though and it came a time when she decided to respect her inner instincts and face the world.

“From my cage” describes those years of blurred, uneasy life as an inevitable passage before the breakthrough. A new life awaits around the corner for those brave enough to give themselves a chance.

“From my cage” is launched on Friday 17th February live on London One Radio; Beatrice will be on air from 4pm. Later this month the song will be available on download and streaming platforms and the music video directed by Matteo Bertozzi will be released on YouTube (www.bit.ly/BEATRICEDISyoutube)

Meeting Beatrice Dis for a New Year catch up


It has been a few weeks from the latest news; Beatrice Dis opened several streaming services (Spotify, Soundcloud, IndieSound) to make her “Show me” debut single available to a wider audience and a YouTube channel that includes the music video of “Show me” and 5 interviews.

We are meeting today in Prato, Italy,  where she’s spending some off time before returning to London, where she lives and works with her partner, drummer and composer Mimí Out.

It’s been an intense year for you and your music career. How did it start?

It started long before 2016. Deciding to be in charge of my own music productions and career management was not easy. When I was younger I would care about the music, the show, the outfit..but I was never fascinated by the business that makes the music move and reach the audience. So the record label opened a  completely new challenge for me.

You are Italian and your lyrics are in English. After five years in London does it come natural or is it a slow process?

It is actually quite natural. I always get inspired by the music that Joe Foresta and Mimí Out create. I have an idea, a story or a message that I want to talk about and the first thing I do is write down the concepts with the keywords that I want to use. Then I create the melody and build the song. Sometimes I do get stuck though but it then eventually comes together!!

The music video for your debut song “Show me” stands out for its quality and it’s quite rare for an independent production to have such a beautiful work of art. How did you get to do it?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words. The video was shot in a studio in Hackney,  Cre8 Studio London, and it was directed, shot and edited by Eleonora Cristin. She came up with the idea of the veil and the contraposition of the black and white. I have danced and acted for a few years so I was very happy to experiment during the shooting. We are very proud to have such a beautiful video as an introduction for my solo project. It is true, we are small team but we are lucky enough to work with great professionals! Visuals are very important and we want to play our cards well!

What’s your plan for 2017?

We plan to release my second single in January. Of course there’ll be a music video, hopefully the audience will like it as much as the first one! We are also planning to record some acoustic gigs in the next few months. We are working on many songs and we have some great collaborations that we can’t wait to share with all of you guys. London is a great place to be when you’re making music!

Is there any plan for a tour in England or Europe?

It’s too soon to say.. I’ve only released one song, I still need to build my own audience. I haven’t really exposed myself yet, I need to reach a bigger audience before talking about a proper tour. Nevertheless we are certainly going to start playing live! I’d like to sing my own songs, including the unreleased ones, and covers from the artists I love.

What do you wish for in the New Year?

First of all, good health; we take it for granted too easily. Then happiness, a profound sense of “feeling good”. I hope that 2017 will help my music career develop. I wish to play on beautiful stages, surrounded by talented musicians. I dream of shooting great videos and making important collaborations. I like art contamination so I hope I will be able to mix my talent with other artists’. I want to feel good in my own skin, proud of what I do.. Maybe it’s a lot to ask for but I am actually working to make this dream reality!

Official YouTube channel for Beatrice Dis


Before the Christmas holidays Beatrice Dis hints to us that news is soon to follow her debut single “Show me”; she just launched her official YouTube channel. You can find the music video of “Show me” and a playlist of 5 interviews that present her music project in its first steps.
“I’m so happy to finally have my YouTube channel! I know many people who don\’t use social media and felt left out from my activities, but now everyone can subscribe to my channel and receive instant updates!”

The latest interview was released with the launch of the channel; Beatrice Dis explains how she maintains her artistic freedom by managing her career personally. The record label that produces and manages her music, Durendala Records, is actually founded by her and Domenico Autuori (aka the drummer/composer Mimì Out). Although being an independent artist must be a challenge, it’s a choice shared by many popular acts nowadays before the big break.

The debut single “Show me” is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon mp3. You can also stream it on SoundCloud, Spotify and IndieSound. Don’t forget she also released an a cappella version of the song and is available for free to everyone who purchase the song and contact info@durendalarecords.com (listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-253326631/show-me-a-cappella )



On Soundcloud to listen to the debut single by Beatrice Dis

Beatrice Dis is promoting her debut single “Show me” with her brand new profile on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a platform where musicians from all over the world share their passion for music and their own productions; it’s a place where honest support builds up a fanbase of fellow music-lovers. It’s a great melting-pot of music genres and nationalities, and now Beatrice Dis adds her name onto it.

“Show me” is available for streaming and sharing; you can create your own playlist while listening to the magnificent catalogue of music available on the website.

Here is the link to Beatrice’s page; enjoy: bit.ly/SHOWMEsoundcloud

Email Durendala Records for a free a cappella version of “Show me”


After the launch of her debut single “Show me”, Beatrice Dis has demonstrated she likes to keep her followers on the edge with one surprise after another. After the beautiful music video was released on YouTube and Vevo, Beatrice shared a delightful making-of and an interview where she recollects how the video came to life. She takes us back in time and  describes how she recorded the first draft of the song (just vocals) and sent it over to her arrangers.
An a cappella bonus track is in fact available to all those who purchased “Show me” on digital retailers (iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon mp3..); you just need to send an email to info@durendalarecords.com with a proof of purchase and you’ll receive the vocals of the song for free.
The funny part is that Beatrice is inviting everyone who know how to play an instrument  to record their own arrangement and send it over in a video! It’ll certainly be interesting to see how people can re-interpret the same song using their own capabilities and sensitivity. Some of the videos will then be posted on Beatrice Dis facebook page. bit.ly/BEATRICEfbpage